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Dolled Up For Murder

Dolled Up For Murder


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Description for DOLLED UP FOR MURDER by Jane K Cleland:


When wealthy client Alice Michaels is shot dead after purchasing a one-of-a-kind doll collection, antiques dealer Josie Prescott is sure that the scandal-plagued financial advisor fell victim to ex-investors out for blood. Until Josie's employee Eric is abducted while transporting some of the dolls…and it turns out the collection is more than it appears to be.

Now the media is hot on her trail, and the dolls are at the center of a vicious estate battle. And with the kidnappers demanding them as ransom, Josie must use all her expertise and negotiating skills to help the police get Eric back. But the only way she can uncover the truth behind the dolls and save Eric's life is to bait one ruthlessly calculating murderer in a battle where "everything must go."

This is #7 in A Josie Prescott Antiques Mystery.

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