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Donna Rose And The Roots Of Evil

Donna Rose And The Roots Of Evil


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Description for DONNA ROSE AND THE ROOTS OF EVIL by Norma Tadlock Johnson:


Retired schoolteacher and avid gardener Donna Rose Galbreath is no longer slinging slugs over her neighbor Cyrus's fence, but the duo continue to waver between feuding and friendship. Still, nothing brings folks together like a dead body -- especially when it's the loathed and unlamented police chief, Billy Donniker. Donna's friend, Officer Jake Santorini, is arrested, having muttered something about killing his boss at the awards dinner where Billy succumbed to poisoned food.

It takes skill and determination to sift through all those who wanted Billy dead to find someone who might actually have done the deed. When the murder weapon proves to be a poisonous plant Donna is uniquely familiar with, she makes the connection between several of Cedar Harbor's influential -- and not so influential -- citizens to expose the roots of evil before an innocent man pays the price....

This is #2 in A Cedar Harbor Mystery.

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