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Description for DOORGUNNER by Michael Williams:

The grunts in the paddy scrambled for cover as the dull thuds of enemy mortar fire echoed in the distance. Then the Hueys swooped down over the jungle, their rotors slicing through the heavy air. Carl "Willy" Willstrom sat in the door of the lead chopper ready to crash Charlie's party. But as the first tracers ripped open the VC cover, the Huey banked sharply, heading into the sky. Willy looked back and saw the paddy littered with bodies...the bodies of dead Americans.

That moment haunted Willy. Now he has returned as doorgunner for the elite Cobra Scout Team to finish his business with Charlie and settle the score. His buddies laid down their lives, and Willy would never forget the men responsible for those mangled bodies lying in the jungle.

Each mission brings him closer to his revenge. And gives the round with his name on it more chance to find him.

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