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Down Home Murder

Down Home Murder


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Description for DOWN HOME MURDER by Toni L P Kelner:

Laura Fleming...She's a savvy southern sleuth born and bred in the heart of Dixie--a down home detective solving crimes right in her own backyard. Because when it come to murder, there's no place like home... A tragic family accident summons Laura Fleming back home to Byerly, North Carolina. Hardly expecting to be welcomed with open arms by her sprawling, eccentric clan ever since she turned traitor and headed north to Yankee country, Laura still isn't prepared for the barely concealed hostility behind every homegrown smile. But the truth is even more alarming: her beloved grandpaw's fatal fall from a ladder in the old town mill was nothing less than murder.

The sudden appearance of a second corpse tells Laura there's more to this baffling case than meets the eye. But as alibis of aunts, in-laws and kissing cousins come under scrutiny, it soon becomes all too apparent that someone is lying...and that someone who has killed twice before will kill again to keep a shocking secret all in the family.

This is #1 in Laura Fleming Mystery series.

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