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Dr. Nightingale Chases Three Little Pigs

Dr. Nightingale Chases Three Little Pigs


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Description for DR. NIGHTINGALE CHASES THREE LITTLE PIGS by Lydia Adamson:


A lovely little milk cow is terribly sick, and looking around the rundown dairy farm, Deirdre "Didi" Nightingale, D.V.M., isn't surprised. She is, however, shocked when her favorite vet-school professor, the elderly Hiram Bechtold, warns that she is about to be questioned in a murder. A client Dr. Bechtold had sent to Didi--the rich owner of an ultramodern pig farm--was brutally slain in his Philadelphia home. The police had found an incriminating letter at the bloody scene addressed to his lover: Didi Nightingale!

Didi hardly knew the victim, and certainly never had an affair with him. She is astounded that the interrogating cop is serious about arresting her. Why is she being framed? Didi, smelling a rat--or at least a pig--in this dirty case, must move fast before she becomes dead meat. Going after the truth means reaching whole hog into secrets, greedy motives, and perhaps some swinish passions that can get an innocent vet tried--or fried--for a crime she didn't do.

This is #4 in the Dr. Deiddre "didi" Quinn Nightingale series.

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