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Dr. Nightingale Comes Home

Dr. Nightingale Comes Home


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Description for DR. NIGHTINGALE COMES HOME by Lydia Adamson was taken from back cover:

Deidre "Didi" Quinn Nightingale needs to solve a baffling mystery to save her struggling veterinary practice in rural New York state. Bouncing her red Jeep along country roads, she is headed for the herd of beautiful, but suddenly very crazy, French Alpine dairy goats of a "new money" gentleman farmer. Diagnosing the goats' strange malady will test her investigative skills and win her a much needed wealthy client. But the goat enigma is just a warm-up for murder. Old Dick Obey, her dearest friend since she opened her office, is found dead, mutilated by wild dogs. Or so the local police force says. Didi's look at the evidence from a vet's perspective convinces her the killer species isn't canine but human. Now she's snooping among the region's forgotten farms and tiny hamlets, where a pretty sleuth had better tread carefully on a twisted trail of animal tracks, human lies, passions gone deadly....

This is the first book in the Dr. Nightingale series.

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