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Dr. Nightingale Races The Outlaw Colt

Dr. Nightingale Races The Outlaw Colt


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Description for DR. NIGHTINGALE RACES THE OUTLAW COLT by Lydia Adamson:


Veterinarian Deirdre "Didi" Nightingale knows what made Aden Fox's cows sick. They wandered through a broken fence and grazed on poisonous Perilla Mint. What mystifies Didi is what smashed the fence: horse's hooves. There are no wild horses in Hillsbrook, New York...are there?

Didi knows she didn't imagine the dappled gray colt she spied galloping across a country road. But when a Hillsbrook police officer is shot, she forgets about the runaway horse...until she uncovers a clue that connects the colt to murder. With her boyfriend, detective Allie Voegler, suddenly suspended from the force, Didi sets out to solve this baffling crime on her own. Soon she finds herself confronting a horse of a different color: a black- hearted killer burning with revenge...and a diabolical plan to strike again--and soon.

This is #9 in Dr. Nightingale series.

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