Dr. Nightingale Rides The Elephant

Dr. Nightingale Rides The Elephant


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Description for DR. NIGHTINGALE RIDES THE ELEPHANT by Lydia Adamson was taken from the back cover:

Excitement is making Deirdre "Didi" Nightingale, D.V.M., feel like a child again. There'll be no sick cows today. No clinic. No rounds. She is going to the circus. But shortly after she becomes veterinarian on call for a small traveling circus, Dolly, an extremely gentle Asian elephant, goes berserk and kills a beautiful dancer before a horrified crowd. Branded a rogue, Dolly seems doomed, and in Didi's opinion it's a bum rap that shouldn't eve happen to a dog. Didi is certain that someone tampered with the elephant and is determined to save the magnificent beast from being put down. Her investigation into the tragedy leads her to another corpse, and explosively angry tiger trainer, and a "little people" performer with a big clue. Now, in the exotic world of the Big Top, Didi is walking the high wire between danger and compassion...knowing that the wild things are really found in the darkness deep in a killer's twisted mind.

This is the second book in the Dr. Nightingale series.

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