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Dragon Heat

Dragon Heat


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Description for DRAGON HEAT by Allyson James:

Lisa Singleton has an unusual roommate -- a fifty-foot dragon named Caleb who has glittering scales and a bad attitude. Little does she know that Caleb is actually a powerful warrior sent to protect her from those out to steal her magic and destroy the world. Lisa never knew she had any magic worth stealing ...

Then Lisa's life is threatened by a black dragon and an evil witch -- and she suddenly finds herself in the arms of a tall, naked, sexy stranger with rippling muscles. Turns out the hunk is Caleb -- in human form -- and if he doesn't stop distracting her with those gorgeous bedroom eyes, they may not have time to stop their enemies before all of existence is wiped out.

At least Lisa and Caleb will have savored every last minute ...

This is #1 in The Dragons Series.

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