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Dragon Rigger

Dragon Rigger


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Description for DRAGON RIGGER by Jeffrey A Carver:


In the Flux of hyperspace, area lm of dragons fights a desperate war against an awesome, unseen evil that threatens life itself. Tarskel, "the Nail of Strength," would shape the entire universe into a web of power and death, but first he must annihilate the few valiant dragons who remain to oppose him.

Though their sacred Dream Mountain has been captured by the enemy, a single hope burns dimly in the dragons' hearts: a prophecy of "the One" who shall come from outside the realm, and whose coming will mark an ending--and a new beginning.

That one is Jael LeBrae, a human star rigger. Once before, Jael aided the dragons in their struggle. Now she must return to face at last the terrible wrath of Tar-skel.

But Jael may already be too late....

This is #3 in Star Rigger Series.

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