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Dream Guy

Dream Guy


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Description for DREAM GUY by Candy Halliday:

Fed up with bad dates and worse relationships, video game designer Annie Long decides that if she can't find the perfect man, she'll just have to create one. "Joe Video" (on DVD at fine retailers) is the ideal interactive boyfriend for the modern woman: attentive, supportive, sexy, adoring-and he'll never leave the toilet seat up, hog the remote, or break your heart!

Matt Abbington-an unforgettable romantic mistake of Annie's who just happens to be her boss-is sure that "Joe" will make their company a laughingstock. While the whole city is chiming in on the virtual battle of the sexes, Rico, the drop-dead gorgeous model who played Joe, offers Annie a little hands-on role-playing. But what's really turning her on are Matt's hungry-for-you looks. Maybe the perfect man for Annie isn't onscreen, after all. Maybe he's the flesh-and-blood guy who makes her days challenging but her nights absolutely divine.

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