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Dreams Beyond Tomorrow

Dreams Beyond Tomorrow


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Description for DREAMS BEYOND TOMORROW by June Masters Bacher:

Will you wear the ring - be my wife, my real wife - forever and ever?... After the long, hard journey, they stood on the little knoll - feasting their eyes on the beauty of Oregon's fertile fields. Rachel Lord, Colby's wife in name only, longs for the chance to finally make their wedding into a marriage. But Cole is a man with a dream which takes him away from the tiny settlement... widening the gap in Rachel's insecure heart. As Rachel strives to keep his dream of a city alive in the minds of the settlers, she is faced with the hardships of pioneer life and the agonies of love so long denied. Cole's trusted friend, Buck, becomes Rachel's much-needed shoulder to lean on. But can he protect her from the mystery behind Superstition Mountain and the threat of hostile Indians? Then it happens. The horrible event which will change the way of life forever in the settlement. Rachel finally realizes only her faith can sustain her and only God can fulfill her...

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