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Dreams Of Gold

Dreams Of Gold


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Description for DREAMS OF GOLD by Maynard F Thomson:

Maggie Campbell and Clay Bartlett are America's best pairs skaters and its best hope for bringing home Olympic gold. On the ice, they move as one. Off the ice, their relationship is just as intimate. But their dreams of gold and of 'happily ever after' come to an abrupt halt when a car accident ends Clay's career. Emotionally devastated, Maggie makes a controversial decision: to rebuild her career as a singles skater. To hone her skills, Maggie leaves Clay and flies to Japan to train with her original coach. The old sensei teaches her troubled student that a great skater needs more than daring triple jumps: she must truly become one with the music. It is a lesson Maggie will carry with her to the Olympic rink where, in a stunningly dramatic finale, she will learn what ultimately matters -- in art, life, and in love.

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