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Description for DYLAN by Norah Hess:

Dylan Quade was a man's man, whether he was running cattle on his Bar X ranch, breaking a bronc or carousing in the rowdy saloons of Jackson Hole. He had no use for any woman, least of all the bedraggled charity case his shiftless kin were trying to palm off on him. Rachel Sutter had been wedded and widowed on the same day and now his dirt-poor cousins refused to take her in, claiming she'd make Dylan a fine wife. Not if he had anything to say about it!

But one good look at Rachel's long, long legs and white-blond hair had the avowed bachelor singing a different tune. The beautiful mountain girl had too much pride to stay where she wasn't wanted and soon Dylan was reduced to haunting the trading post where she'd found refuge, hoping for a glimpse of her moonlit loveliness. All he wanted was to prove he was different from the low-down snakes she'd known before, to convince her that he was a changed man, one who would give anything to have the right to take her in his arms and love her for the rest of his life.

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