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Dynasty Of Deceit

Dynasty Of Deceit


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Description for DYNASTY OF DECEIT: 2015: THE LAST OF THE 3 CASTROS by Franklyn A Johnson:

"Wayne still wondered if Rod actually killed Fidel, which he always denied, or he knew who had carried out the assassination."

"Con on, Rod, I want to show you that, even though I'm only twenty-four, I do other things besides drinks the old-fashioned way."

"Think of it, the only time in US history that three members of the same family---father, mother and son---have held the Oval Office!"

"March, did you enjoy my father Raul's funeral yesterday?" "Yes, I did, almost as much as I enjoyed watching your uncle Fidel die in 2005...and soon you too as you try to continue your family's dynasty of deceit...and betrayal, barbarity and brutality!"

"Rod cried out as blood spurted and he slipped and fell in the widening crimson puddle...a voice, seemingly in the distance,, said, 'My God, they got Jaime, and now Rod!"

"...Our Cuba Libre fellows...mowed them down right there...Venganza!"

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