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Description for ECLIPSE by William Stevenson:

As the U S and Russia prepare to lock horns in a deadly Baltic Sea confrontation, behind the walls of Germany's Spandau Prison Rudolf Hess makes a startling revelation: Hess, the Third Reich's second in command, was not alone when he parachuted into Scotland that fateful night in 1941. But who was his mysterious companion? And what bizarre purpose did they share?

Together with the beautiful granddaughter of an aging American spy master, T.V. journalist Scott Talbott is caught up in the lethal machinations of a hideous conspiracy. And as a reborn Nazi Party prepares to unleash a modern-day Reign Of Terror on an unsuspecting and volatile Earth, the ace newsman races to uncover answers to a decades-old mystery. Hidden secrets that will either save the world...or plunge it into bloody chaos.

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