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Eden And Honor

Eden And Honor


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Description for EDEN AND HONOR by Marilyn Harris:

Devon's windswept coast is as beautiful and threatening as history itself. Inside the towering walls of Eden Castle lives a family whose ancestors led Britain into battle, forged her laws, and shaped her people. At the close of the nineteenth century, John Murrey Eden and his large, ambitious family find themselves drawing strength from their glorious past while balancing precariously on the sharp edge of sweeping change which if moving ever closer to England and Eden Castle with the coming new century.

EDEN AND HONOR is the seventh novel in the stunning Eden series. Devotees of the series will be reunited with the family that has captivated them for six fabulous books, and readers unfamiliar with the series will find in EDEN AND HONOR an entertaining and swiftly paced book that stand on its own.

Marilyn Harris weaves a colorful tale of rebels and dreamers, lovers and heroes as the Edens experience the Boer uprising, the unsteady but defiant roots of the Women's movement, Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, and the outbreak of World War I. Withing the cold, imposing walls of Eden Castle, John Murrey Eden rules with a persuasive power that can destroy those weaker than himself, although he finds formidable adversaries in his strong-willed children, nieces, and nephews---like the beautiful Charlotte, who defies convention by falling in love with an Indian prince, her uncle's sworn enemy, and living with him in sin; his American daughter-in-law Eve, whose voice makes her the toast of two continents; Alice, stubborn and adventurous, following Florence Nightingale's example as she devotes her life to nursing. And the Eden men: Geoffrey, home from war, broken in body and spirit, a deadly presence in the dank, lonely east wing of the castle; Stephen, passionately in love with Eve, but unable to save either of them from the fierce pain of death; Frederick, newly returned from India with his bride, Marjorie, the daughter of British missionaries.

As the ancient hall clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, 1900, the family cannot imagine what history has in store for them. A way of life that served their ancestors for centuries will begin to vanish in their brief lifetimes. EDEN AND HONOR is the spledid finale of a tale that has won seven million readers worldwide.

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