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Electric City

Electric City


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Description for ELECTRIC CITY by K K Beck:


A mousy, secretive researcher at a news clipping service who recently won $20,000 on Jeopardy! is missing. Who is Irene March?

That's the answer (In the form of a question) facing Investigator Jane da Silva, who can collect on her eccentric uncle's vast legacy only when she solves a mystery that's stumped everyone else.

When Jane places a large "Have you seen this woman?" ad in the Seattle paper, she gets intriguing responses from a rodeo queen, a dying child, and a disgraced church deacon...leads that send Jane east of the Cascades. By the time she gets to Electric City, the site of more violence, she realizes that Irene March's placid exterior shielded a cunning, even ruthless soul. And a deadly dangerous game that could have people asking "Who killed Jane da Silva?"

This is #3 in A Jane Da Silva Mystery Novel.

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