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Embrace The sun

Embrace The sun


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Description for EMBRACE THE SUN by Linda Lea Castle:

He was a man without a memory...she was a woman who denied her past... When Lochlyn Armstrong awakes wounded in a strange cottage, he has no idea what has happened to him--and little memory of who he is. One thing he's sure of--the proud lass who shelters him is a mystery he longs to solve. Alone in the woods with a babe to raise, claiming no clan and no husband's protection, all Glencoura has is wee Jamie--and a fierce determination to keep her secrets to herself. Vowing to be her champion, and soon enough the man she will wed, Lochlyn is astounded to discover that his own past is full of secrets--and that the future may bring a dangerous confrontation with the man who sired Jamie, and divided a clan. Gaining Glencoura's trust is only the first step in the battle to save her life...and win her love.

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