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Engaged To The Sheik

Engaged To The Sheik


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Description for ENGAGED TO THE SHEIK by Sue Swift:

Dearest Godmother,

I'm almost to my matchmaking goal. If I can get this couple to the altar...

Of course, I should have known better than to match an expert heartbreaker like Selina Carrington with a sheik of legendary charm. The sassy exec's one sorrow too many has hardened her to love -- and the sensual flirtations of Kamar ibn Asad. But I know this charismatic desert lord is just what she needs, so I've arranged a pretend engagement -- followed by an accidental marriage. Kam's soulful eyes and moonlit walks haven't melted Selina's single-girl heart, but maybe a husband's whispered promises can.


In a Fairy Tale World... Six reluctant couples. Five classic love stories. One matchmaking princess. And time is running out!

Silhouette Romance #1750, January, 2005.

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