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Every Breath She Takes

Every Breath She Takes

Author: Suzanne Forster

Book Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Used/Very Good

Pages: 328

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Description for EVERY BREATH SHE TAKES by Suzanne Forster:

Saint or Seductress? Someone in greater Los Angeles is stalking stalkers, luring them to their deaths by posing as the perfect victim. The press calls this mystery woman the Femme Fatale -- while the entire country plays guessing games about her identity.

Lawman or Outlaw? R. Scott Walker plays no one's game. Known for his uncompromising methods, the ace homicide detective already has a prime suspect -- a woman who, on the surface, is a paragon of virtue.

Good Girl or Bad? Garlic Bishop is the daughter of a United States Supreme Court Justice, and the author of a runaway bestseller on personal safety. Femme Fatale? Carlie Bishop? Impossible. But he knows the moment he looks into Garlic's eyes that this good girl is up to no good. The attraction between them is white-hot, but he's deter-mined to trap her... even if he has to watch every move she makes...

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