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Every Breath You Take

Every Breath You Take

Author: Judith McNaught

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 485

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Description for EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE by Judith McNaught:

They met in paradise: Kate Donovan, the beautiful, self-made Chicago restaurateur, and Mitchell Wyatt, ruthless businessman, scion of the fabulously wealthy Wyatt family -- and, as Kate soon learns, a man who won't take no for an answer. During their idyll on the tropical island of Anguilla, Kate and Mitchell lower their defenses and surrender all inhibitions -- slowly at first, and then in a rush of emotion unlike anything they've ever known.

But their heaven crumbles when Mitchell is summoned home for questioning in the disappearance of his half brother. Amid a media firestorm, he retreats into his world of privilege and power, leaving Kate to question everything she knows about her darkly mysterious lover: Is he in fact the culprit in this high-profile case? What secrets lay buried in his past? What does his future hold -- and what are his plans for her?

As Kate struggles to trust the fascinating man who may also be her most formidable foe, the web of intrigue grows ever more complicated -- and the result is Judith McNaught's most spellbinding novel yet.

This is #4 in Second Opportunities Series.

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