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Everybody's Somebody's Fool

Everybody's Somebody's Fool


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Description for EVERYBODY'S SOMEBODY'S FOOL by Ed Gorman:


When a beautiful corpse is found in a gazebo during a class reunion party, lawyer Sam McCain hopes to avoid involving himself in the ensuing complexities. However, the victim is the troubled daughter of a prominent family, and when local bad boy David Egan is accused of her murder, McCain finds himself saddled with a new client...and another tale of small-town murder in Black River Falls, Iowa.

But McCain's heartbreaking, drag-racing client dies a fiery death in a car crash--an accident that becomes murder when it's discovered the car's brake lines were cut. Working to clear Egan's name, McCain follows a trail of shattered dreams, cheating spouses and dark secrets to a third body lying lifeless in a bath, and to a tale of murder that embraces the vast human emotions that drive lovers to love...and killers to kill.

This is #5 in A Sam McCain Mystery.

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