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Everyday Miracles: Stories From Life

Everyday Miracles: Stories From Life


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Description for EVERYDAY MIRACLES: STORIES FROM LIFE by F Forrester Church:

Daily we face problems and make decisions that change our lives. Some of these choices are momentous. Should I get married? Have a child? Stop drinking? Quit my job? During our darkest hours, we may even wrestle with the temptation to end our lives. Yet if we open our eyes, we see that little miracles are present everywhere. Even the most ordinary day is filled with extraordinary opportunities for self-acceptance, forgiveness, courage, and love.

With gentle understanding, compassion for our foibles, and unfailing good humor, F Forrester Church, one of America's most charismatic young clergymen and a noted author, awakens us with stories from his own life and the lives of his loved ones and parishioners---stories that offer inspiration and help for daily living.

This selection of stories from his popular column, "Fundamentals", will bring to people everywhere the joy of sharing what one reader from Plainfield, Illinois, aptly describes as Dr. Church's "positive, down-to-earth reminders of what is important and what is beautiful.

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