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Evil Encounter

Evil Encounter


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Description for EVIL ENCOUNTER by Sonia Levitin:

Michelle never wanted to join a therapy group, never thought it would do her any good. Sure, life has been a bit tense since her parents' divorce, but it's nothing she can handle. But since it will keep things copacetic with her mom, she agrees to try it.

The group she joins, though, turns out to be totally different from what she had expected. They sing, dance, draw---all the things Michelle enjoys. Even the role-playing and confessions are interesting. And then there's the group's leader, Luke. He's so kind, so caring; he really makes her feel special. She would anything for him. Could this be love?

But in one terrible night, everything Michelle ever thought or felt about Luke is shattered. And now her mother's life is on the line. To save her, Michelle must uncover the truth---not only about Luke, but also about herself.

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