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Extraterrestrial Visitations

Extraterrestrial Visitations


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Description for EXTRATERRESTRIAL VISITATIONS by Preston Dennett:

This book represents the cutting edge of UFO research, with ten new and original firsthand accounts of very close contact with UFOs and aliens. The majority of these cases come from fully conscious recall, rather than memories retrieved through hypnosis.

Several of the stories present new information that is highly controversial and not commonly reported in UFO literature, from healings and benevolent encounters, to praying mantis-type aliens and military presence during an abduction.

"They went in the top of my head"-An Excerpt

One night, I was lying in bed, and I had my back to the

wall, when I saw these two aliens off towards the back of

my head. I saw them come through the wall. And they

came up to me. I didn't try to move. I don't know if

there was any sensation. I remember just lying there.

And they came over and they went in the top of my

head. And it felt very good, so I allowed it. I perceived

that I allowed it. And they were slender. They were iridescent, like a

whitish color. And that was that.

-Pat Brown UFO abductee

Pat Brown assumed her experience with extraterrestrials had come to an end. She didn't know that her ordeal had only just begun. . .

EXTERRERRESTRIAL VISITATIONS: TRUE ACCOUNTS OF CONTACT presents real accounts of UFO contact. Told in the witnesses' own words, the stories have immediacy, objectivity, and credibility. Revealed in these stories is the full spectrum-positive and negative-of the most perplexing and persistent mystery of modern times.

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