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Eye Contact

Eye Contact


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Description for EYE CONTACT by Michael Craft:

It begins as a simple assignment for Chicago JOURNAL reporter Mark Manning. He's been hired to replace colleague, Cliff Nolan, on a top story. Renowned astrophysicist, Pavo Zarnick, claims to have discovered a tenth planet, but to the skeptical reporter, there is no story because there is no proof. and without proof, there is no element of mystery...until Manning makes some startling discoveries of his own: Nolan's body with a bullet hole in his back and the last interview with Zarnick is missing. Now the story is no longer a matter of metaphysics, but of murder.

It's not just foul play and a puzzle that capture Manning's imagination. His new assistant, twenty-three-year-old David Bosch, haunts Manning's days and dreams. Working so close to the eager junior reporter, whose sole interest in journalism seems to be Mark, awakens every yearning that Manning has struggling to keep in Check since building his new life with two-year lover Neil Waite.

As the days progress Manning must shift his attentions from David to finding out who shot Nolan. For the murderer has learned that Manning and David are quickly picking up on his trail, revealing a series of cover-ups and exposing secret after secret, each one more astonishing than the last. And now a desperate predator has marked someone close to Manning. But Mannning is driven even more as he soon comes closer to the truth...and to an inevitable, damning piece of evidence the killer will do anything to destroy. Even if it means committing murder again.

This is #2 in Mark Manning series.

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