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Eye For An Eye!

Eye For An Eye!


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Description for EYE FOR AN EYE! by John D Harris:

They met in Milan, three political terrorists dedicated to the principle of revolution, cold-blooded killers who deadly skills had been honed to lethal perfection:

MADIGAN---He grew up dirt poor in oil-rich Texas, a have-not burning with hatred for all wealthy oppressors.

GRETA---Her cool, Nordic beauty masked a fiery lust for blood.

MARCO---He was a fanatical killing machine, teetering precariously on the thin edge of sanity.

THEIR MISSION: to hijack a private airliner carrying one hundred wealthy American teenagers on a world tour and to hold the passengers hostage until the US government agrees to pay an immense ransom and free certain political prisoners. If their terms are not met, one by one the kids will die.

An anti-terrorist team is dispateched by the American government on a desperate rescue mission, but time running out, minute by minute, death by death...

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