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Description for FAITH by Len Deighton:

WHEN ALL IS LOST, A MAN CAN DEPEND ON ONE THING ABOVE ALL Bestselling author Len Deighton is back, better than ever before, with an electrifying new espionage trilogy, featuring Bernard Samson, the intrepid, insolent, and enigmatic hero of Len Deighton's earlier blockbuster series. Samson is in trouble again. Only in 1987, the enemy isn't as obvious as it once was. His wife, Fiona, back after years on the "other side," is sophisticated enough to pick up on his affair with Gloria -- and she's not taking it well; his children have been grabbed by his arrogant father-in-law; and his boss, Dicky, warns that Samson's employment future looks dim.

Suddenly, Samson is yanked from California and sent to roam the grim streets of Magdeburg, on a secret mission that backfires. And the worst scandal in the Department's history looks about to bury them alive. Everyone is grabbing for that one last shred of glory and Samson is caught in the maw of fate. On the line are simply his job, his ethics, his past, and the two women he loves. With no one to confide in and nothing to rely on, he's got only one thing left -- faith.

This is #7 in Bernard Sampson Series.

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