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Falling For The Boss

Falling For The Boss


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Description for FALLING FOR THE BOSS by Elizabeth Harbison:

TO: Evan Hanson

FROM: Meredith Waters

SUBJECT: Our Secret Past

Which probably isn't even a secret now that I'm working at Hanson Media. Believe me, Evan, I didn't plan this when I took the job. All I know is twelve years ago you left town without so much as a kiss goodbye. Now you're back and when I'm with you I feel like the years apart never happened. But I promised myself not to fall in love again...especially with you. If only you'd stop looking at me that way! How are we supposed to work together and save your family business when all I can think about is dancing to that romantic song again? Soon you'll even have me believing in second chances....

Silhouette Special Edition #1747, April, 2006.

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