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Family Affairs

Family Affairs


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Description for FAMILY AFFAIRS by Sandra Kitt:

Gayla Patton owned a gallery in New York. She had a beautiful daughter--and a man who was willing to help raise her. Her life was under control....

Then David Kinney showed up. It had been so long since she'd seen the man who called himself Dak. Her mother had taken him under her wing, to shield him from the life of the street, and back then, Gayla had nothing but contempt for him--a troublemaker who had one foot inside the jailhouse door and who understood nothing about her dreams, her ideals, her ambitions. But what bothered her most about David Kinney was the way he could look into her eyes and, somehow, see her secrets, her insecurities...her desires.

Now, as a controversial new artist trying to make a name for himself, David has arrived in Gayla's world. And turned that world--and her heart--upside down....

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