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Fashion Slaves

Fashion Slaves


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Description for FASHION SLAVES by Louise de Teliga:

New York, New York. What a wonderful town. And what a cut throat scene of designer divas. Ex-model Josie Vaughn once belonged to the coveted inner circle. Now, at the ripe old age of thirty-six, she's trying to claw her way back in as a fashion stylist. Josie may not have money or a man, but she's got connections. Once known as 'The Empress,' the leggy Australian convinces world-renowned fashion photographer Hamish Kent to let her style a shoot, despite the machinations venomous ex wife/agent. But it's Hamish's oh-so-hunky-and straight! - assistant Marcus who really gives Josie a go. Josie's big break finally comes when she least expects it. Unfortunately she's back in the spot-light, there's no shortage of people willing to dish all her dirty little secrets. But this isn't Josie's first time at the Seventh Avenue rodeo-and one should never underestimate a fashionista's ability to Land on her stilettoed feet.

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