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Fax Me A Bagel

Fax Me A Bagel


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Description for FAX ME A BAGEL by Sharon Kahn:

It isn't easy being a rabbi's wife in Eternal, Texas. It's even harder being a rabbi's widow. More than a year after her husband's death, the congregation still expects Ruby to behave "appropriately." But sometimes it's hard to be pious and ladylike when you're investigating a murder....


It looks like someone's added a new--and deadly--topping to the treats at The Hot Bagel. In fact, if Ruby had spoken up when the imperious Essie Sue Margolis insisted on cutting ahead in line, she might have been the one lying dead on the floor instead of Essie Sue's sister. Now, as her friend the baker faces interrogation--and Ruby starts wondering about a connection to her husband's still-unsolved hit-and-run death--it's up to her to fill in the holes in the story. But she may have bitten off more than she can chew....

This is #1 in A Ruby, The Rabbi's Wife Mystery.

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