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Description for FERN by Leigh Greenwood:


A man of taste and culture, James Madison Randolph enjoyed the refined pleasures of life in Boston. It had been years since the suave lawyer abandoned the Randolphs' ramshackle ranch -- and the dark secrets that haunted him there. Forced to return to the hated frontier when his brother was falsely accused of murder, he still had no use for anything it had to offer -- not the backbreaking work, not the barren wastelands, and especially not the sharp-tongued vixen who wanted to gun down his entire family.

As tough as any cowhand in Kansas, Fern Sproull would see her cousin's killer hang for his crime, and no smooth-talking city slicker would stop her from seeing justice done. But one look at Madison Randolph awakened a tender longing to taste heaven in his kiss. While the townsfolk of Abilene prepared for the trial of the century, Madison and Fern readied themselves for a knock-down, drag-out battle of the sexes that might just have two winners.

This is #2 in Seven Brides Series.

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