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Finding Mr. Perfect

Finding Mr. Perfect


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Description for FINDING MR. PERFECT by Nikki Rivers:

But first Hannah Ross has to make sure that the new ad campaign for Granny's Grains begins without a hitch -- after all, it was her idea to locate America's "perfect" family and then slap their faces on every cereal box.

Yet when Hannah ventures to Timber Bay, Michigan, the Walkers aren't the "perfect" she was thinking of (the mother's poker playing is only the start -- "little" Danny isn't little in any way. And he's also frustrating and handsome and...).

With days before Granny's Grains' CEO shows up for the meet-and-greet, can Hannah turn the Walker clan into something they aren't? Or will she change to fit into something she's always wanted, like a real family? And will Danny Walker be the one to show her the way...?

Harlequin Flipside #17, June, 2004.

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