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Fire With Fire

Fire With Fire


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Description for FIRE WITH FIRE by Paula Gill:

Welcome to the passionate adventure of the Hope Chest series-- in which five irrepressible women find themselves swept back in time to the elegant Chesterfield Hotel, where they must perform one important task--a task that will unite their hearts with the perfect man... in the perfect time. With no home or family to go to during the Christmas break, Corrine Webb, head chef of a four-star Texas restaurant, accepts the loan of a quiet cabin in Virginia. Caught in a snowstorm, she finds shelter in an abandoned hotel and starts rummaging in an old chest for matches. But when she picks up a broken sheriff's badge, suddenly she's transported back to 1866--where she finds herself waitressing in the hotel dining room, wreaking havoc with her modern ways...and with the heart of one very handsome sheriff.

Jesse Garrett may be part of famous clan of lawmen, but he's seen enough blood and violence to make him vow never to draw a gun again. His name alone has kept the peace here...but he's forged a rift with his powerful family. Sassy Corrie, with her outspoken opinions and confident walk, tempts him mercilessly, and her determination to reunite him with his family is as confounding as her mysterious "past". But before long, he finds himself financing her new restaurant, and they're sharing a taste of glorious love. Happily, Jess knows he's given Corrine a home in his arms. But when he learns the truth, they must face one burning question together: Will she be able stay?

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