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First Kill All The Lawyers

First Kill All The Lawyers


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Description for FIRST KILL ALL THE LAWYERS by Sarah Shankman:

DEAD LAWYERS DON'T TELL TALES After her turbulent years on the West Coast, Samantha Adams had come home to Atlanta, lured by the memory of old fashioned gentility, the sweet scent of wisteria--and a cushy job on the Journal-Constitution. And for all the new freeways and the fast-food franchises, Atlanta hadn't changed much. But it seemed she had--or maybe she was just the only one stupid enough to think the corruption of rural sheriffs was worth investigating....

When a distinguished attorney was found dead in a backwoods ravine, she wasn't about to accept Sheriff Buford Dodd's word on the "accident." Ignoring warnings from every quarter, she delved into a scandal of dirty money and adultery that stretched from Atlanta's society salons to the saloons of the mean old good old boys. It was a treacherous set-up that had cost an honest lawyer his life. And it just might do the same for a stubborn lady reporter who won't do what she is told....

This is #1 in Samantha Adams series.

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