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Flames Of Justice

Flames Of Justice


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Description for FLAMES OF JUSTICE by David Thompson:

In the untamed wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, there is frequently only one law.the law of survival. But sometimes even the brave men and women living on the brutal frontier must answer to the justice of so-called civilization. This is the lesson that famed mountain man Nate King and his son, Zach, are about to learn. Zach, a half-breed, has been brought to trial, accused of being the ringleader of a blood-drenched Indian massacre at a trading post. Nate knows that his son is innocent and can't understand how anyone would ever think Zach could be guilty of such a crime. But Nate isn't aware of the devious plotting and scheming that's going on behind locked doors.or the horrible lengths that the schemers would go to in order to see Zach hanged!

This is #42 in Wilderness Series.

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