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Description for FLASHBACK by Terri Herrington:

Through the curtain . . .

There was something haunting in the old man's eyes, something that mesmerized Sarah Rhinehart. Then, tragically, he died-before she could ask why he'd been following her, before she even knew his name. Stunned and bewildered, Sarah became desperate to discover the stranger's secrets ....

His name had been Marcus Stephens, and forty years ago he'd lived in Sarah's house-and had loved a woman who looked exactly like her. An unthinkable, terrifying possibility took hold in Sarah's mind, but she forced it away--until the truth shattered reality.

Somehow, Sarah hurtled over an invisible threshold into a dangerous world where nothing was familiar-- nothing except one man, the man who was her destiny--if only she could survive ....

This is Dreamscapes: Whispers Of Love #7.

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