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Description for FLAWLESS by Burt Hirschfeld:

Behind the magical beauty and instant status with which diamonds bestow their owners, is a multi-billion dollar industry, every bit as complex and exciting as the cartel of oil. In FLAWLESS, Burt Hirschfeld reveals the privileged luxury and the deadly infighting of the diamond power structure. FLAWLESS creates for us one of the most memorable families in recent fiction: the historic diamond clan of Foxman, and how this cultured and powerful family wages a campaign for survival against incalculable power. At the center of the novel is patriarch Maurice Foxman's impetuous niece, Ellie---too careless to be trusted, too brilliant to be ignored. It is to Ellie Foxman, 30-year old, hedonistic, embittered, and ultimately ambitious, that the great firm must turn to save its dignity and its resources.

When the attacks on the Foxman diamond ascendency prove to be as much motivated by politics as by greed, a plot is set into motion which places side by side a novel of social ambition with a novel of grand conspiracy. FLAWLESS, because of its impeccable research into the world of diamonds, its thrilling cast of characters, and its driving, ingenious plot, is Burt Hirschfeld's most ambitious and enthralling work of fiction.

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