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Flesh And Bones

Flesh And Bones

Author: Paul Levine

Book Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Used/Very Good

Pages: 303

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Description for FLESH & BONES by Paul Levine:

Miami Dolphins linebacker-turned-lawyer Jake Lassiter returns in the seventh Lassiter mystery from acclaimed South Florida writer and former lawyer Paul Levine.

In FLESH & BONES, Jake takes on a seemingly unwinnable case. When Miami model Chrissy Bernhardt strides through a South Beach night spot and plugs three deadly shots into a bar patron, later identified as her tycoon father Harry Bernhardt, the lawyer watches the killing from the next stool. Yet when the apparent murderess asks him to represent her, Jake readily agrees, swayed as always by a pretty face and by nagging glimmers of reasonable doubt.

Mounting Chrissy's legal defense, Jake sets out to unearth the family secrets that molded her past: his cover girl client is either a cold-blooded killer or a sexual abuse victim. Through hypnosis, Chrissy's psychiatrist and trusted friend Dr. Lawrence Schein has helped her remember long-suppressed incidents of childhood incest.

As Jake struggles to learn if the memories are real or fabricated, he stumbles upon a scheme to manipulate South Florida's fresh water supply, masterminded by Chrissy's half-brother Guy. Delving deeper, he uncovers a suspicious link between the doctor and the developer. Once again, the personal and professional become intertwined when Jake falls hard for his beautiful client.

Aided once more in Flesh & Bones, by his unorthodox but faithful braintrust -- moonshine-guzzling Granny Lassiter, cranky retired coroner Doc Riggs and precocious nephew Kip--Jake must keep Chrissy off Death Row if she's to stay in his life.

This is #7 in A Jake Lassiter Novel.

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