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Flirting With Trouble

Flirting With Trouble


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Description for FLIRTING WITH TROUBLE by Cathie Linz:


Nicole Larson had seen Chase Ellis's type before. From the top of his tousled dark head to the bottom of his sinfully snug jeans this man was dangerous. When the undercover cop had first reported to work--incognito--at the local library, Nicole had warned him to keep his distance. But the daring detective had shamelessly tried to sweet-talk her out of the stacks and into his....arms.

Chase knew solving the case of the literary gambling ring would be no easy task, and there was also something--or rather SOMEONE--else that wasn't easy: Nicole. But Chase could tell that beneath that prim-and-proper exterior was a sensuous woman who could get a man like him into big trouble.

This is Silhouette Desire #722, July 1992.

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