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Fool's Gold

Fool's Gold


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Description for FOOL'S GOLD by Jennifer Skully:

People come to Goldstone to forget -- and be forgotten. Sounds good to Sheriff Tyler Braxton. He needs to get his mind off his past. But when he's wrangled into investigating his brother-in-law's suspected affair with infamous local author Simone Chandler, it's his present that gets complicated. Especially when his brother-in-law turns up murdered!

Simone writes Internet erotica. That doesn't make her a home wrecker or a murderer. But what on earth is she doing in Goldstone? As he delves neck-deep into the secrets of the small town and finds himself falling hard for Simone, Sheriff Braxton is begining to wonder. Has he stumbled upon the perfect little town and the woman of his dreams, or is it all nothing more than Fool's Gold?

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