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For All The Right Reasons

For All The Right Reasons


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Description for FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS by Elaine Coffman:

Katherine Simon is a woman of the earth, passionate and strong, she has never stopped loving one man: Alex Mackinnon. But Alex has set his mind on his childhood sweetheart, Katherine's sister, the pretty and pampered Karin, a woman who toys with his heart-and crushes her sister's hopes. Not even after he comes home from war continued determined to marry Karin. And while Alex's twin brother, Adrian, dares to dream that Katherine might someday be his, but he knows that Katherine can love only one man.

But all will change with the cry of "Gold!" from California--a call for a reckless young man to make his fortune and for an irrepressible woman to make a daring journey of the heart. As a drama of desire, despair, and reckless longing unfolds, when Katherine journey into the depths of an untamed country to follow a dream and Alex discover love at last... for all the right reasons.

This is #2 in MacKinnon Brothers Series.

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