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For Goodness' Sake!

For Goodness' Sake!


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Description for, FOR GOODNESS' SAKE! by Edith Patterson Meyer:

A "P.K." A "Preacher's Kid." Saint? Mischief-maker? What is life really like in the household that is supposed to se the example for the community? With humor, warmth, and candor, Edith Patterson Meyer recalls the joys and difficulties of being the youngest of five in an active parsonage family at the turn of the century.

With such a special role to fill in the life of various small towns in New England, the lively Patterson children were taught at an early age the value of thrift, courtesy, a liberal education, work and strict standards. But the love and shared pleasures of their large, close family were very much a part of their lives.

Mrs. Meyer's firsthand look at life behind the parsonage door presents a vivid picture of the period. Yet it is at heart the story of a family and a tribute to the values and deep faith of parents who exemplified and emphasized living for "goodness sake!" This fascinating glimpse of parsonage life is "gospel" truth says EDITH PATTERSON MEYER, and it is her parents that she attributes her own love of books and life.

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