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Galahad's Bride

Galahad's Bride


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Description for GALAHAD'S BRIDE by Ada Steward:

Houston Carder had big blue eyes and a heart even bigger. But this charismatic newcomer was bound to the ranch by a love of polo as intense as Laura's own hatred of it. The game had stolen her childhood, nearly destroyed her father before her eyes. And it was time she grew up, leaving parent, ponies and Houston Carder behind.

Still, Houston was so easy to talk to, to lean on, to love. When Laura fell down, he picked her up and dusted her off. When she was hurting, he found myriad, masculine ways to ease her pain. Yet, so close to precious independence, dare she let this sweet, seductive Sir Galahad weaken her knees and her resolve to go it alone?

Silhouette Special Edition #604, June, 1990.

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