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Garden Of Evil

Garden Of Evil

Author: Edna Buchanan

Book Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Used/Very Good

Pages: 321

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Description for GARDEN OF EVIL by Edna Buchanan:

In the intense heat of an oppressive Miami summer, crime reporter Britt Montero is ice cold, her writing relegated to the inner pages of the daily that employs her. But now there's a hot story she's just dying to get her hands on. A female serial slayer is luring men with sex, then mutilating and murdering them with a bullet that bears traces of her lipstick. Dubbed the "Kiss Me Killer," she has already murdered a sheriff and a powerful politician, among others, with her unique "kiss of death." Britt is determined to own the fatal femme's story. But it can only come at a deadly price, as a face-to-face meet goes explosively bad. And suddenly Britt Montero is the news, trapped in the company of a psychopath on a terrifying odyssey through the darkest heart of the Sunshine State ... and heading straight to Hell.

This is #6 in Britt Montero series.

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