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Ghost Moon

Ghost Moon


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Description for GHOST MOON by Karen Robards:

Set in rural Louisiana, Karen Robards's Ghost Moon finds prodigal daughter Olivia Martin returning home to reconcile with her stepfamily. Her sudden arrival after nearly a decade throws the family into a tizzy, and sets off her grandfather's heart attack. With entrances like this, you know the drama won't be skimpy.

Trying to reconnect with her family, Olivia searches through her past memories and unearths disturbing recollections of her mother's drowning. With the help of sexy step-cousin Seth, Olivia begins to rebuild her life and find happiness. Unfortunately, a crazed psychopath is haunting the neighborhood, and he's got eyes for Olivia's daughter.

Part romance and part suspense-thriller with supernatural elements thrown in, Ghost Moon has something for everyone. The chapters focusing on the killer's history of abducting girls are chilling and ominous, and the slow development of Olivia's relationships is both realistic and satisfying, making for a pleasing if sometimes terrifying read.

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