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Description for GLITTERBURN by Heywood Gould:

Even in the New York City subway, a millionaire with his chest blown open is unusual. So when Josh Krales, crime reporter for the New York Event, has the good luck to witness the gruesome demise, he's got a scoop...

Then a Greek shipping magnate buys it in a rigged Rolls, and Krales is on a roll. Someone's covering up the murders, but Krales is too cranky to stay bought, and now he's in a custom-built frame for murder. The only way out is first-class to California, on the arm---and other parts--- of hot mega-bucks feminist Athena Stuart. But it's too twisted when Krales lands in a cocaine-and-sex-drenched Malibu conspiracy cult of the rich and famous, the deranged and dangerous...Now fall-guy Krales is shuffling into the Beverly Hills Hotel with a dose of plastic explosive over his ribcage---and a desperate hope he won't end up with his heart on his sleeve.

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