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Gone With The Nerd

Gone With The Nerd


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Description for GONE WITH THE NERD by Vicki Lewis Thompson:

A beauty looking for her inner nerd. Movie star Zoe Tarleton has everything but respect. Now she's determined to get it by snagging the coveted role of a plain-Jane chemist. All she needs is for her decidedly un cool attorney, Flynn Granger, to teach her the award-winning subtleties of being a nerd.

A nerd unleashing his inner beast. California's "Bigfoot Country" is the ideal secret hideaway for coaching. That means rehearsing the steamy scenes too. Who'd have guessed that Zoe and Flynn's performances would be so convincing? Unfortunately, something is turning their hot love story into a hair-raising thriller.

Their sparks are igniting more than heat. The killer bees, the poisoned food, and the toppled tree are no accidents. Someone's out to get them. Does Flynn have a love-struck woman in his life? Does Zoe have an insanely jealous fan? Or is Bigfoot real--and more resourceful than anyone imagined? It's just Zoe's luck. She's finally found the man of her dreams and the role of a lifetime--and both of them could be her last.

This is #4 in Nerd series.

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